Appreciating the Different Fashion Choices

Due to the extensive line of fashion in today’s retail sector it is much easier to wear a preferred style of clothing to enhance our personalities and overall looks. People are able to benefit from the wide range of fashion choices to help with distinguishing themselves, identify with a particular group, and showing self-expression. The various fashion styles often fall within certain distinct classifications or groups.

Here are some of the main categories in the realm of fashion:

Off the rack fashion: If you want to shop for the latest in fashion lines at the local retail stores you will be shopping for the ready-to-wear or off-the-rack fashion items. They are likely to be carefully manufactured and made available in a range of sizes and styles to fit most customer’s needs and requirements. Ready-to-wear fashion items are made available by many of the high-end fashion designers who make their items available to the wider audience. Pricing ranges in this area can vary quite significantly, with some clothing articles offering the more unique designs being quite expensive to purchase. Even though these clothing articles are manufactured to a high standard, they will be in a material that is a far-sight less expensive then what might be used on the custom-made articles of clothing.

Mass produced fashion: At the lower end of the scale in relation to fashion you will find the mass-produced items which are in most cases cheaply and quickly manufactured in very large volumes at sizes to fit the most typically sized individuals. Most of these clothing garments are likely to be seasonal in nature, whereby they have a short-term lifespan and come in a low quality material. The range of mass-produced fashion items is generally the most common in the retail stores due to its high availability and cost-effective pricing.

High fashion: If you are looking towards the high-end of the fashion market then you will want to shop for the custom-made outfits which are made specifically for a client by the top fashion houses. The bespoke fashion items are the ultimate in clothing attire and are made to a clients specific color requirements, taste, body shape, and measurements. The materials used in the high-end fashion articles are likely to be of the highest quality and can be the most expensive to purchase. Only the most high-end boutiques are likely to offer the custom-made designs of this nature.

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Play Golf in Comfortable and Fashionable Clothes

Whenever it comes to sports, you have to choose the most comfortable outfits, but you should also care about your image before and after a golf match. Here are some pieces of clothing you might want to take into consideration.

We all know that golf is an activity for people with self-esteem, for classy and stylish people, for people with tastes and for people who care very much about their image. Therefore, the golf outfit is also important when showing up for a match, not only for the artistic impression but also for your confidence throughout the match.

The term to define golf and golf fan could be “sophisticated”, therefore the pieces of clothing this sport brings to the table are also very pretentious, but have class. For instance, you can go for a J. Lindeberg argyle sweater, a very comfortable and stylish sweater with a V-neck and an asymmetrical design, strolling along the lines of modern fashion. Also, this is a piece which can keep you warm when you need it, making you look good at the same.

Also, you can go for a Tommy Hilfiger pique polo in black and white or cool colours, the collar and the more conservative style making it a piece of resistance among golf fashion articles. This is an imposing piece of clothing, something with an aristocratic touch included and which also highlights your shapes when playing golf with your friends or boss.

Since most sports require caps, you can add a sporty Lacoste cap to your outfit, a brand which speaks for itself, denoting your seriousness and commitment to your activity. This accessory is not only very comfortable, but also very practical, keeping the sun out of your way when playing golf and still looking very fashionable, especially if matched with the rest of the pieces.

All in all, golf is a sport which breathes respect, confidence and sophistication, all of these elements making it very attractive when it comes to fashion trends and fashionable golf outfits, which is why it is very important to choose the right combination of pieces and to match the spirit of golfing with the fashion spirit corresponding to it.

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The Bra As Outerwear – Fashion Article

There is a fashion now for a kind of ‘bra’ look where the bra is deliberately revealed. The bra is accented as an item of apparel. This can happen in specific looks where a bra is worn with a jacket, It can happen too when a dress is worn over the bra and the dress is ‘open’ to reveal the bra beneath. Thus a drapy dress is worn over a bra where the bra is almost completely shown and deliberately shown too and this is a specific look, so the bra becomes outerwear. And this kind of look can be elegant but it is clubbish too. Dresses can be designed too where a kind of bra is part of the overall dress design. For the aim is to create a kind of look, a silhouette where the ‘bra look’ is apparent.

The bra can be fully seen but there can be looks where the bra is just hinted at through straps for example. Or maybe a part of the bra is shown and this is deliberately so, of course. The bra look can inspire certain edgy, club looks. As mentioned, dresses can be designed for example where bra is sewn into/ connected to the rest of the dress and then a kind of ‘bra dress’ is created. This kind of design is already there but it can be made more edgy, sophisticated.

Then there is the bra worn with the jacket, the skirt, the jeans, the high trousers. Maybe one can wear a distinct bolero jacket and then ‘separate trousers. The aim is to create an edgy look and of course this edgy look is nothing new and is possibly around since at least the 60s when the bra became an obvious piece of fashion. (For example, the hippy looks could use the bra) So the bra becomes outerwear and then the bra look can inspire dresses and other designs, looks as said.

The bra moves from ‘support’ wear to outerwear. It has always been part of lingerie and there is a specific club look which embraces the lingerie look so the bra as outerwear is not really totally new. It is just that the ‘bra’ look can gain some sophistication and the ‘bra’ can influence other types of looks.
There must be a ‘full’ look. The bra is combined, for example with jacket and pencil skirt. One can have dresses too where the bra stands out; the bra is joined into the dress. Use of mesh and contrast colors create that edgy sophisticated club feel.

The aim is to create a silhouette, a sleek silhouette. The bra with high skirt/trousers is akin to the look where a corset-type top is worn with jeans/skirt/trousers.

The club look is edgy; It can be sophisticated; It is obviously sexy and the ‘bra look’ can be naturally part of this look. Drapy sexy club dresses are deliberately open to capture the bra or let the bra be seen. The aim is to have a natural look. One can have the look such that it is ‘natural’ to wear a bra with jacket/skirt. It is natural to have a bra combined with a mesh covering for abdomen or a covering leading to the throat area. Thus ‘a choker’ look is created. Aim to create a hippy, club look because there is something ‘natural’ about these looks. For at night, in clubs, at music festivals, anything can go.

The bra shape is seen in the corset, bustier and many dress designs. The shape is nothing new ie the cup shape but the bra look is something else, it is something edgy, an edgier look. It is natural to get the bra itself into fashion, to move it into outwear but this is difficult and thus bras have to be designed for outerwear and this has certainly been done as it is seen that a lingerie look becomes a club look.

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How To Write Fashion Articles Without Losing Your Mind

It seems that deep within every woman, there is an ability to be a fashion writer. We all have opinions. We all love clothes. Even if we don’t spend our hard earned paychecks on clothes, we still enjoy them. We enjoy them on others, and we enjoy them on ourselves. We like critiquing them, and generally discussing them. So, it should be easy for us to write in the fashion niche, either for ourselves, or as freelance writers. Once we get going, though, the ideas start to dry up. Here is a tip to keep those fashion articles flowing.

Polyvore is the secret weapon of any successful fashion writer. Polyvore is a fashion website. At Polyvore, you can create your own ensembles, as many as you want. You search for clothes and create outfits. It is fun. So, you start an article around the keyword black coat. Go to Polyvore and check out some of the black coats there. Tell me you’re not inspired now. There are several article ideas going through your head now.

How about, “What Is Hot This Season In Black Coats?” You see certain features that make a coat more comfortable, or more versatile. You think, “How To Shop For Black Coats.” Then you see a cute suit coat. That wasn’t what you had in mind for black coats, but you think it would look amazing with a simple green frock. You start thinking of “The Best Dresses To Pair With Black Coats.”

Take any of those ideas, or any others that come to you and run with them. Pull out some of the black coats listed on Polyvore and write a review of them. Write a brief synopsis of three that you love. Or, create whole outfits and use them as inspiration for how to pair x skirts with y tops.

Polyvore is a totally unnecessary step. We women should be able to write articles about fashion off the top of our head, but after so many articles, your mind turns to mush. How can you write another word about something so mundane as the cardigan sweater? But, with polyvore, you just keep going, and you enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll quit much sooner than you would like to. Polyvore has been my salvation on many, many occasions. It continues to be a huge inspiration for me, and I use it nearly daily to get my mind churning out more fashion articles.

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